To explore India!

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To explore India! Empty To explore India!

Post by Vitalinka on Fri Aug 21, 2015 5:13 pm

I want to go to India. This is my long-cherished dream. India - a country of people with a good heart and sincere eyes, of people who are always glad to meet you!
The first and foremost place of my trip will be the Taj Mahal - one of the greatest monuments, built in the name of love for a woman of great beauty. Not having analogs of its greatness, it reflects the wealth of an era in the history of the state.
I also dream to visit the sacred Ganges, see the vast expanses of the Himalayas, to assess the incredible flavor of Delhi!
But how to plan my route as without drive and adventure?! Goa is waiting for me! Goa - is probably the most important and interesting Indian resort. The traveler will find here any entertainment. There is a spice plantation, temples, museums, amazing lakes and caves, and of course the beautiful beaches and amazing night life. A reminder for myself - do not forget to bring your camera!!! I just have to share this beauty with friends, family, with the world! After all, India is truly wonderful country! The country of contrasts! I would like to see this! And I hope that my dream will soon come true!


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To explore India! Empty Re: To explore India!

Post by IManager on Thu Mar 17, 2016 12:04 pm

My friend visited Goa. She said that it was such a unforgettable vacation. Though it's totally different mentality, people who live there are mostly poor, but still they are very friendly. And the nature is something unique.


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