Assets of the pilot project in Ağva, TURKEY

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 Assets of the pilot project in Ağva, TURKEY Empty Assets of the pilot project in Ağva, TURKEY

Post by fidansolmaz on Tue Jan 26, 2016 12:24 pm

A SERENADE IN NATURE - Ağva’s local culture and nature

The focus of the pilot project is the Ağva region nearby Istanbul. Ağva is a small resort town about 40 kilometers to the east of the town Şile. It is situated within the sub-provincial boundary of Şile, Istanbul’s third largest sub-province. The assets of pilot project listed as:

1. Akçakese’s history and tangible & intangible heritage
2. Akçakese’s vernacular timber heritage
3. Traditional Şile cloth embroidery
    Embroidery as a Way of Expression
4. Poetry about Şile and Ağva’s women
   Şükufe Nihal’s Visits to Şile
5. Ağva’s local traditional knowledge
6. Natural heritage - Birds
7. Natural heritage - Plants
8. The Kilimli Cliffs – Area ecosystems
9. The Kilimli Cliffs - Geomorphology
10.The Kilimli Cliffs – The future of heritage


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