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Post by Administrator on Sun Aug 16, 2015 7:09 pm

Dear all!
We are happy to welcome you!

Please Read the Forum Rules before Posting!

The forum is a place where people can interact and have discussions about different topics.
We kindly ask you to follow these guidelines to ensure that the forum have productive conversation. These rules and guidelines are enforced by administrators and moderators, and at their discretion they may delete posts without warning that do not comply.
This is a forum for international participants, so all forum posts must be written in English.
Any thread topics or replies written in a language other than English may be removed without notice. This is mainly because we cannot moderate languages we do not understand.
- No "flaming" or "badgering" - writing hostile or insulting messages aimed at other users for their views, comments, status as a user on the site, or any other reason. You can disagree with someone's views and still be polite about it.
- No "trolling" - posting controversial (sometimes off-topic) messages with the intent of baiting other users to reply. Also, please do not feed trolls.
- No "spamming" - No advertisements, or referral links to other services. Your posts will be removed if we see you posting unhelpful or non-contributing messages to our site.
- No discussions of software piracy, hacking, illegal material. - Linking to these activities will not be tolerated.
- Do not post material that is hateful or mean towards race, religion, sex, or any other offensive nature.
- Do not post lewd or offensive content, or links to lewd or offensive content. Keep everything Safe for Work.
- No posting of any text which bypasses our profanity filters by purposely misspelling, using letter/symbol substitutions or any other means to bypass our censoring. You will only get one warning for this, then you will be banned from the site.
- Please do not "hijack" a forum thread by changing the subject. If you want to change the subject, please start a new topic in "Free topics" column.
- Do not complain if a moderator removes a message you posted. We trust our moderators, and if they've removed a message, they had a good reason.
- Turn off your caps lock, do not use excessive ALL CAPS in your posts.
- Do not copy or plagiarize comments.
- Do not post messages containing images of typed text, especially in an alternate color. This confuses other members who may think you have some special authority, which is against our Terms and Conditions. It also defeats our search engine, which cannot read your message text.

If you have any questions about these rules, you may contact a moderator.

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